Programme 2021

Power and Vanity

October 8, 2021 – 9:00 pm
Sacred and philosophical cantatas and arias for counter tenor and ensemble, as well as instrumental music by G.P.Telemann and J.S.Bach.

Ex tempore

October 10, 2021 – 9:00 pm

Starting from the concept and the inevitable character of time, a programme with works of the English composer of the late Renaissance, Christofer Simpson the Months is presented, in dialogue with the work of Karlheinz Stockhausen, melodies of the star signs for music boxes.

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Musical Postcard from Stockholm 1770 – Music from the Utile Dulci Collection

October 12, 2021 – 9:00 pm

Music from the collection Utile Dulci, a literary and musical Academy and a Secret Society in Stockholm, Sweden, during the latter part of the 18th century.

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Young Baroque – Mini Concert

October 14, 2021 – 9:00 pm

A small tribute to Henry Purcell’s vocal music from 4 young early music performers.

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