Baroque Music in Athens

Ex tempore

Starting from the concept and the inevitable character of time, a programme with works of the English composer of the late Renaissance, Christofer Simpson the Months is presented, in dialogue with the work of Karlheinz Stockhausen, melodies of the star signs for music boxes.

Power and Vanity

Sacred and philosophical cantatas and arias for counter tenor and ensemble, as well as instrumental music by G.P.Telemann and J.S.Bach.

Les Voix Humaines – Human Voices / Angelos Repapis & Nikos Panagiotidis (Greece)

This is how the French composer and virtuoso viola da gamba player Marin Marais (1656-1728) entitled one of his short compositions for his beloved string instrument. Most likely this has been a way for him to declare that viola da gamba with its high tender notes and its deep bass notes is the musical instrument which resembles the human voice more than any other. This programme highlights the characteristics and the matching of the two

Songs for The Lady / Εlektra Papasimakis & Stefanie Köpfler-Bertels (Greece-Germany)

The Madonna, the Virgin, the most pure, the bright, the full of Grace, the one with the sacred Chest, the beautiful, the blessed, the royal…The figure of the Virgin Mary has inspired and marked throughout the years and equal as a  muse she has inspired the poets and the music composers. She is praised, sung and at the same time pulls the artist to his limits. The program “Songs for The Lady” is a small

Mediterranean Blend / Mezzo Ensemble (Israel)

Sephardic  songs and Villancicos of the 15th and 16th century from the Iberian Peninsula. Works for the guitar from Gaspar Sanz and Italian scherzi & arias of Claudio Monteverdi & Girolamo Frescobaldi. The Mezzo Ensemble creates a unique “blend” of Mediterranean flavors. Mezzo Ensemble: Ye’ela Avital, Soprano Doret Florentin, Recorders Gideon Brettler, Baroque guitar Davina Florentin, Percussion   TICKETS

Il viaggio musicale – Focus on the Concerto / Artemandoline Ensemble (Luxembourg)

During the Baroque period concertos for mandolin were highly appreciated, as confirmed by the countless manuscripts to be found in European libraries. Starting in Naples the mandolin spread rapidly throughout Italy and all over Europe. In this programme with works by: F. Caroso, Arrigoni, Trento, Piccone, Romaldi, Dall’Abacco, Vivaldi, Brescianello, Merula, Falconieri and Reali, an incredible freedom takes hold, speed, virtuosity. A repertoire full of energy: a hymn to the emotions. Artemandoline Baroque Ensemble: Juan